femdomdoneright: This Lady Seems Very Skilled…


This Lady Seems Very Skilled & Masterful (in the Art of Ruined Male Orgasm)

Stroke the raging
(desperate) male cock with the surreptitious intent of bringing him and it, to the
very “edge of orgasm”, and then
letting go of his joystick as soon as
(or just before) he starts to ejaculate.

Removing all
stimulation, right before
your male’s orgasm is in full progress, minimizes the amount of sperm that is actually
released by his balls, while lessening the pleasurable effects generally
associated with a satisfying orgasm. Basically, his cherished gratifying orgasm is declining (or
stopped in its initial stages) before it even starts.

The resulting small
depletion of oozing sperm eases a little pressure, and guarantees your male will
even  hornier afterwards; thus beautifully preserving
and paradoxically even strengthening his involuntary erection for continued
training and/or servitude. Naturally, His desire to CUM exquisitely intensifies,
but his ability to do so diminishes superbly with each (RO) Ruined Orgasm Administered. As you Tease
and “Edge” your man (repeatedly and endlessly) in this manner, you are surreptitious
programming his Subconscious to naturally submit to your irrefutable feminine sovereignty.

If a woman wants
a Super Solid EXTREME Pounding Screw from her Lovers PROPERLY Dominated”
Erection, Sometimes the Best Time to Get This, is Immediately Following a Series
of Good Ruined Male Orgasms
, When his Arousal and state of Desire is “Profoundly”
Supercharged, but his Ability to “ejaculate” has been Entirely Eliminated; Enabling
him extremely prolonged stamina and endurance on the sixth, seventh or eighth go
around.  Either way, a Lady should make sure she gets the most Bliss
Possible from her Dominated Enslaved Boy Toy before she is Done "Training"
for the Day.

“Karezza” –
Ladies Orgasm, MALES DON’T !!!