smallofshame: 20 Ideas for Small Penis Humilia…


20 Ideas for Small Penis Humiliation 

  1. Measure It Against Small Objects.The most popular way by far. Small objects such as baby carrots and aaa batteries are all perfect. She will have you hold them next to your tiny cock and laugh at how much bigger they are and how much they dwarf your “thing”
  2. Compare Against Pictures Of Real Men. She will either send you web links of pictures with men with big dicks or for added humiliation make you find them yourself and then have you strip off so she can compare their dick to your stub.
  3. Show You A Real Mans Cock In Person. For the ultimate in humiliation, what is worse than this woman you desire bringing in her big dicked lover and making you look at his cock while she compares his monster shaft to your tiny nub. She will probably measure it or make you comment on how her hand doesn’t even fit around it
  4. Use Her Pinky. Holding up her hand she will close her fist and leave her pinky finger out before smirking and wiggling it at you to demonstrate how small your penis looks to her. A beautiful woman doing this to a guy is extremely degrading.
  5. Use Her Thumb And a Forefinger. Another humiliating way for her to get across just how small you are. She will hold her thumb and forefinger up and mimic the size of your dick. With barely a gap between them, she will hold them up and laugh at you. For added effect, she might also mimic how you can only wank with those two fingers as well.
  6. Verbal Insults. Small penis humiliation is females favorite as they can let fly and hit you right where it hurts the most. They will call you names like small dick loser, maggot dick, baby dick and chipolata stub to name but a few. They can also tell you how they cant even see it and wouldn’t touch it with gloves on. 
  7. Take Pictures. With their cell phone, they will take pics of your nub to post on their wall of shame for the whole world to laugh at. They will be giggling and condescending as they do so to add to your degradation
  8. Take A Video. Like above only with video. Barking orders they will make you measure it against small objects, shake it or hold it with two fingers as they record you to laugh at you later. This might also end up posted online.
  9. Make You Use Tweezers To Wank. You’ll probably be used to this already being such a maggot dick but it is all the more humiliating when done under supervised masturbation. She’ll make you take those tweezers and use them to wank with, all the while laughing and mocking you about it. She will also probably tell you how her real man boyfriend can wank properly due to his proper sized dick
  10. Wank Using Only Two Fingers. Using only your thumb and forefinger she will have you give yourself a pitiful wank. She will be in kinks of laughter as you get “all” inches hard and cant even use your whole fist anyway as she makes you use only these two fingers
  11. Make You Measure It. You know it’s small, she knows its small but it will be incredibly humiliating for her to make you use a ruler or tape measure to find out just HOW small it actually is. 2 inch? 3? Maybe on a warm day, you’ll stretch to 4 but you’ll be made to measure it and she will no doubt snort with laughter when you find out.
  12. Call Her Friends And Tell Them. Her knowing you have a tiny dick is bad enough but her friends knowing too? That’s going to be very humiliating and it’s exactly what will happen when she gets on her cell phone and tells them all about the tiny cock loser. Giggling and laughing, she and her friends will have a whale of a time at your expense.
  13. Point & Laugh At It. It is one of the most humiliating things a woman can do to a guy with a tiny pecker. Pointing with her finger and laughing as you remove your clothes. Howling and cackling and pointing with an !oh my god” comment she will leave you dejected as she laughs at your expense.
  14. Make You Describe It To Her. As if having a lack of manhood wasn’t bad enough, this perfect vision of womanhood will make you describe it in every detail. How small, how thin, how you cant satisfy a woman. Having to say it all out loud is soul-crushing but she will demand to hear every last word.
  15. Make You Rub Ice On It To Make It Smaller. As embarrassing as it is to have such a small willy, she will make you rub ice all over it to make it even smaller and quite possibly disappear inside you. Hilarious for her, degrading for you.
  16. Make You Wear Women’s Underwear. With a dick that small you’re barely male anyway so why pretend? She’ll make you wear a woman’s thong or a pair of frilly knickers to hammer home to you just how little of a man you actually are.
  17. Blackmail You With It. Every man boasts about how big his dick is so there’s no way you want anyone knowing that you don’t measure up and that makes you ripe to be blackmailed. With pictures or videos of it stored in her computer, she will make you do all sorts of degrading things.
  18. Cuckold You With A Real Man. You desire this woman. You ache to have her touch you and you would do anything to be with her but with the little nub that you’ve been cursed with she will never be yours. So what better way for her to rub it in than to make you watch as she fucks or sucks a real mans big thick dick? You’ll be made to watch every second of it, crestfallen and dejected as they both laugh and call you names. 
  19. Tie Heavy Objects To It To Stretch It. Probably pointless but it will amuse her to see you fruitlessly try. Paint cans, weights, chairs, anything you have to hand. She will have you tie a rope around your dick and the other end to the object then make you put all the weight on your penis to see if it can be made any bigger to at least look like a dick and not a clit
  20. Make You Tell Her All The Times People Have Laughed At You. All those girls in high school who laughed at you. All those women you picked up in clubs only for them to hightail it when they saw your stub. All the boys in the locker rooms who could barely contain their laughter.